tirsdag, juni 10, 2008

A devilhat for an angelbaby!

My friend Kristin had a daughter the 6th of June, and her name is Marie Othilie. In that matter I knitted a so-called "devilhat" for her. But it became a little too big. It's big for Kristiane, imagine how big it is for a newborn! Oh my.

I have alot of them "knitting-faults" right now. I can't figure out where the fault in the Kiri-shawl is, but there is something wrong with it! I just want to burn it up! GRRRR

2 kommentarer:

Marianne sa...

Nyyydelig pie! Der har du gjort en god jobb!

sipusa sa...

Åja......nydelig lita pia!!
I en flott lue:-D