torsdag, oktober 02, 2008

I won't talk about christmas yet!

Well, yes. Another "Turn A square" hat. I had enough yarn to make another one, and a nag I know wanted one for christmas. She also want me to crochet a flower to sew on the hat, but then I have to learn how to crochet. I don't know if she's worth it;)
Facts is written down in this blogpost.

I realized that I haven't shown actionpictures of the kindergarden suit I made for Kristiane. Well, here it is. Kristiane is not so cooperative.
"Mum, I don't want to be taken pictures of! I wanna go to the kindergarden NOW! Stupid mum! I hate the blitz"
She can't talk, but I think her eyes speaks alot.
I also think that it was a good thing, to show-an-UFO, because I have been sewing holes in my indexfinger. It hurts! But look at it now, not so much left:) YAY! I hope that in a week or two, it's done. At least before we celebrate the anniversery of Kristiane's Christianing. haha
Although I dislikes christmascandy in October, I have to eat these! They are like cocaine! Seriously! I bought one today, and they melt in my mouth. Okay, I really like the taste of rum, rum and chocolate makes me go to heaven. Oh, please!
Yes, and I have a job now! At Pannekakehuset (the pancakehouse) in Bodø.

3 kommentarer:

anne sa...

Hvor ble det av fisketeppet ditt???
Er det ferdig???

rakel sa...

grattis med jobb, må prøv å kom å spis pannekaker hos "deg"

HanneJ sa...

Ey! En NAG?! Hrmf! ;)