onsdag, september 10, 2008


Well, now that Kristiane is in kindergarden, she has to have mittens. I got a beautiful hat-and-mitten-kit from HanneJ for her birthday. But since I don't know how to sew on stitches, you'll have to wait to see the frontside of the mittens.

Oh, not so boring facts:
Pattern: Navia "Hue Vanter" 2 designs
Size: 1-2 years
Yarn: Navia Duo
Yarn amount: 25g!!
Time elapsed: maybe 10 hours or so?

Well, I clearly have a thing for mittens nowadays, because I had to make another pair right after the babymittens were done. These were knitted in Manos Del Uruguay ( I love that yarn) and it only took me about 4 hours to make two! May I suggest that you watch your favourite TV-show on DVD while knitting these. In my case; Grey's anatomy.

Well, fun facts:
Pattern: 6-degree mittens
Size: One size (female)
Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay Jungle colour
Yarn amount: 65g
Time elapsed: 4 hours!

As some may know, I'm a little bit in love. Slightly, maybe. Tiiiiiiiiny tiiiiiiiiny little bit. haha

I have never gotten flowers from a man before (that wasn't my friend or father, have got some flowers from them) and I really love sunflowers! Well, I know that it's not real sunflowers, but they are beautiful!
With and without blitz on the camera.
As a little PS; I'm actually finishing the f(/&#&/%¤ Bodø Glimt mittens now, but I was short some yarn. So actually I had three pairs of mittens on my Knit-Picks-needles.

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