tirsdag, oktober 28, 2008

Not so much a blogger

I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted lately, maybe it's because I haven't really been proud of what I've done. Maybe the lack of energy has had something to do with it, but I will try to do something about it.

I've been knitting Li'l Devil Baby Hat just without the horns and earflaps. K likes it, but she also like pulling it off her head.
I've used 35g of Smart and it took me three hours to knit I think.

For a friend of mine's baby I knitted the "Blåfjell"hals and hat, when I was finished I found out that I wanted to knit another hat, so I have knitted TWO hats! I love them. Wanna make one for myself, but in the Bodø/Glimt colors. I can't believe we reached the 4.place in the series! No it's just for me to hope that Vålerenga looses the final! PLEASE!

Anyway, nuff football.
I've used 61g on the hals and 131g on each of the hats.
They are feltet in the washingmachine. The neckwarmer was feltet enough at 40 degrees celsius, and the hat was feltet at 40, 60 and another 60 degrees celsius.
Very fast knitting, using to strands of yarn and thick needles.

I also knittet a soaker for another friend of mine, but I totally forgot taking a picture of it before I gave it away. It was 93g of Lanolinyarn from Bjørnedalen (or whatever it's called).

Now I'm knitting on a singlet for me, in wool/silk-blend, I'm using the pattern from Nøstebarnboka, I have to treat myself with something nice.

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