tirsdag, oktober 28, 2008

Not so much a blogger

I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted lately, maybe it's because I haven't really been proud of what I've done. Maybe the lack of energy has had something to do with it, but I will try to do something about it.

I've been knitting Li'l Devil Baby Hat just without the horns and earflaps. K likes it, but she also like pulling it off her head.
I've used 35g of Smart and it took me three hours to knit I think.

For a friend of mine's baby I knitted the "Blåfjell"hals and hat, when I was finished I found out that I wanted to knit another hat, so I have knitted TWO hats! I love them. Wanna make one for myself, but in the Bodø/Glimt colors. I can't believe we reached the 4.place in the series! No it's just for me to hope that Vålerenga looses the final! PLEASE!

Anyway, nuff football.
I've used 61g on the hals and 131g on each of the hats.
They are feltet in the washingmachine. The neckwarmer was feltet enough at 40 degrees celsius, and the hat was feltet at 40, 60 and another 60 degrees celsius.
Very fast knitting, using to strands of yarn and thick needles.

I also knittet a soaker for another friend of mine, but I totally forgot taking a picture of it before I gave it away. It was 93g of Lanolinyarn from Bjørnedalen (or whatever it's called).

Now I'm knitting on a singlet for me, in wool/silk-blend, I'm using the pattern from Nøstebarnboka, I have to treat myself with something nice.

fredag, oktober 24, 2008


Two knitted longies:) I've used a modified pattern from "Strikk til nøstebarn" and modified it myself haha. Twice modifying that is.
I used 198g of New Zealand lambswool from www.123knit.com.

Very fast knitting, and I loved it! I just love the petrol colour!
And for the fun part: I learned how to make twisted cords! So now I can twist cords for every knitted items I make. No more "devilhats" without cords, goodbye cordless longies. So long suckers! I'm reborned!

Last sunday I got a sackful of yarn! It's so much that I haven't got control over it yet! Seriously! I have a stack of yarn now. I'm not the lightest in my yarnfamily! I have loads of yarn! I can't wait:D
But I haven't got pictures of it yet, because I have to regain control of it and have to sort something out!

Just wanted to show you the wollybottompants that I made.

torsdag, oktober 16, 2008

Midsummer in fall

I can't believe it! I have forced my way through this shawl, and I'm so proud to be finished!
Although the pictures are crap you can see the pattern and the colouring, it's so wonderful. Sort of like a rasperry-coloured shawl! I love it!

The pattern is called Midsummer
I've used 81 grams of Evilla 8/1 and it's VERY thin!
I started this shawl the 14th of september, so I've used a month on it. Although, I have not been knitting on it every day.

But I realized that I need to buy blocking-wires, because I had to block it on the wall, which has left a zillion of small holes in the wall. Haha. It was too big for the matress, the table etc. If anyone has a tip on how to block it nicely, please leave a comment here.

søndag, oktober 05, 2008

We are so fashionable in my family!

Because we have to have matching yoghurt-moustache to the outfit, and if we drink cocoa the moustache must look like the one Jono El Grande has.

torsdag, oktober 02, 2008

I won't talk about christmas yet!

Well, yes. Another "Turn A square" hat. I had enough yarn to make another one, and a nag I know wanted one for christmas. She also want me to crochet a flower to sew on the hat, but then I have to learn how to crochet. I don't know if she's worth it;)
Facts is written down in this blogpost.

I realized that I haven't shown actionpictures of the kindergarden suit I made for Kristiane. Well, here it is. Kristiane is not so cooperative.
"Mum, I don't want to be taken pictures of! I wanna go to the kindergarden NOW! Stupid mum! I hate the blitz"
She can't talk, but I think her eyes speaks alot.
I also think that it was a good thing, to show-an-UFO, because I have been sewing holes in my indexfinger. It hurts! But look at it now, not so much left:) YAY! I hope that in a week or two, it's done. At least before we celebrate the anniversery of Kristiane's Christianing. haha
Although I dislikes christmascandy in October, I have to eat these! They are like cocaine! Seriously! I bought one today, and they melt in my mouth. Okay, I really like the taste of rum, rum and chocolate makes me go to heaven. Oh, please!
Yes, and I have a job now! At Pannekakehuset (the pancakehouse) in Bodø.