onsdag, august 06, 2008

I love the fresh smell of sheep in the evening.

Well, my third Kiri was finished yesterday evening (after an episode of "Medium") and as I was on my way to soak it up, I actually said it in my head. That be the headline.

Well, boring facts:
Yarn: Kauni Effectyarn, 170gr, colour EZ.
Maybe I shouldn't have a red sweater on. Well, next time I will have colour-neutral cloths on! Haha
The shawl is really large, It's too big for me, but I think that the reciever is higher than me so it'll fit her perfectly. I hope.

As I have said before, I love swaps! Although it is a tad expensive, I do it only once in a while. Norwegian postage is killing me! Anyway, I got a package from Canada a few days ago. It was shipped in May, and now I know why the postmen have taken their time.

Look at all this faboulous goodies!
One skein of Indigo Moon merinoyarn. I loved the colour (and the waistband, silly me) Just have to figure out what I want to use it for.

Two skeins of HempLUX, I can't wait to try this yarn. I think I want to make a groceriebag of it, it was the July-pattern in "bag a month" on ravelry. I really liked it.
Wow, and now for all the other stuff. Will write a list:

3 magazines (vogue knitting, knit. 1, creative knitting)
3 bags of tootsie rolls ( I loooove that candy)
Rum raisin chocoalte
Iced tea kit

5 doublepointed needles in rosewood
4 stitchmarkers
Sheep measuring tape
2 lobster buttons
Killer whale button
Canada-leaf button

And last but not least, she had crocheted Kristiane this beautiful top. I love it, and she will be wearing it on her 1. birthday the 16th of August.

And maybe you have noticed the quality of the pictures has improved? Yes, well, that's because I have bought a new camera! Weee

10 kommentarer:

Jorun sa...

Flott sjal.
Ha en fin dag!

Ugla sa...

Nydelig sjal. Og wow for en pakke, den var enorm. Ha en fortsatt fin dag :-)

Anonym sa...

Kirisjalene du lager er nydelige, og den babyjakken er også kjempesøt!

Anonym sa...

Lekkert sjal! Litt av en pakke du har fått - kos deg!

Anonym sa...

Kjempefint sjal i nydelige farger! Og heldig er du som har fått så flott pakke.... Merker at bildene dine er blitt bedre, gjør at bloggen blir koseligere. Gratulerer med nytt kamera!

randi K design sa...

Nydelig sjal! Kjempejobb!
...og jeg strikker ofte når jeg ser Medium også. Artig at de viser den serien i Norge også..

Beate sa...

Nydelig sjal! (Selv om den røde genseren...) Litt av en pakke du har fått. Synd med portoen ja, for swaps er jo kjempemorsomme. Har to pakker jeg må lage. Til USA og Australia...

Kristiane ere bare så "nusskat" :) *smelt*

Nogette sa...

For et nydelig sjal!

turvid sa...

Vakkert sjal!

Anonym sa...

Nydelig sjal og ei skjønn lita frøken i en fin jakke.